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What Will A Proper Fence or Lack Thereof Cost Me?

When we first put up our chain link fence around the back yard, my main reason for doing so was to keep our dogs in the yard while allowing them freedom from being cooped up indoors all day long while I was at work.


We had two small dogs, a Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso. Since they were so small and not climbers, I saw no need for anything huge and expensive, so I decided on a low, 3-foot fence that would save me a little bit of money. What I had not thought about, was the real cost of not paying a little more for a higher fence.

One day, upon arriving home from work, we came upon a very devastating situation.

A Pitt Bull, belonging to the neighbor two doors down, had scaled his fence, run down the alley, lept over our low fence into our back yard, and snapped the neck of our Shih Tzu and mauled our Lhasa Apso so badly, he barely survived.

I learned my lesson the hard way. Sometimes we need to consider not just what we are trying to keep in, but what our fence might need to keep OUT. The cost I saved on putting in the lower fence was the cost of the life of one of our fur babies, and the broken hearts of my children as we buried their companion in that same back yard.

When you are ready to install your fence, please feel free to ask your knowledgeable team for advice on what type and height of fence would best suit your situation and neighborhood and weigh ALL the costs before you move forward.

Call us at 719-248-6278 to schedule a free quote at your location


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