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For more than 20 years Premier Fence has been building beautiful new residential and commercial fences throughout Colorado and in neighboring states, with the highest attention to quality and customer service at a competitive cost that is hard to beat. Whether a commercial site or a residential property, we offer a wide selection of fencing from chain link, wood, vinyl, to ornamental iron, etc. that is sure to fit your needs.


We feature many styles to choose from for residential and commercial customers in both urban and rural areas. We provide property owners in Colorado with the lowest cost and highest quality service in the area.


  • Licensed and Insured

  • Warranties on All Service & Products

  • Installation & Repair

  • Highest Quality Workmanship and Prompt, Reliable Service


No job is too big or too small.  From small enclosures around trash bins or dumpsters to temporary fencing around job sites and constructions sites, we build and install any fence type you need.







Commercial mowing, takes place around large, commercial grade, equipment or vegetative coverings. Commercial acreages require mowing to maintain the vegetation, as well as upholding ease of access into the area. Examples include but are not limited to mowing landfills or pipelines, grass below power lines, airport grass maintenance, solar panel fields, and more. These areas require continuous and meticulous maintenance.


Solar panels often sit in a field, where they can catch and soak in the optimal amount of light. The fields which they are placed in need consistent lawn cutting. Without this upkeep, plants and grass can grow too high and shade or cover the panels, therefore reducing their energy output. Mowing the lower lawn along the bottom of the solar panels is just as vital as cutting the taller plants; the low grass can also impact the energy output by shading the bottom edges of the panel. Solar panels fields need to be mowed in-between the panel rows, as well as underneath and around the individual panels themselves. Premier Fence offers careful and thorough mowing services to get the job done. Premier Fence will mow on a recurring basis based on the needs of the client and the land.




Before a solar field can be built there is a lot of prep-work that must be done. From mowing, clearing (of cactus, etc.), to erosion control seeding Premier Fence has the equipment, experience and know-how to get the job done.





One of the basic commercial maintenance plans offered by Premier Fence is snow removal. We have the equipment necessary to plow the snow and transfer it to a pre-designated area on the property.  We provide this service to a wide variety of businesses throughout the Pueblo area, ranging from banks to retail shopping centers.




The safety of your business employees, customers, and associates is the ultimate goal of Premier Fence. One of the ways we achieve that goal is to make sure that your property is cleared of any ice buildup that may form during a winter snowstorm. The ice that can settle beneath the snow can be treacherous to pedestrians, and drivers alike. Slips and slides can easily occur, causing everything from fender benders to serious injury.




When you consider a commercial snow removal service, you may be thinking snow plows, and other heavy-duty equipment rolling out to clear expansive parking lots, and roadways – but your sidewalks and entryways will also need attention. Snow Management Services is a full-service enterprise. We are equipped to handle the big jobs, but we also have machinery that is particularly functional for the smaller ones. We have snow blowers that we use to remove light accumulations, and others for deep snow removal.

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